Father goes viral with deadly pictures of his daughter

If you see the Instagram page of the Belgian Kenny, it may seem that he is not such a good father. He puts pictures of his daughter Alix, 1.5 years old, who runs over high ravines, plays dangerous machines, drives a car and is in the weather with boiling water. But dont worry: its all fake.


It all started when Alixs mother kept asking Kenny to send pictures of their daughter. She wanted to know if everything was going well. Kenny decided to make fun of the pictures and send them in.

Luckily, Alixs mother quickly realized that the pictures were fake. โ€œShe thought it was brilliant,โ€ said Kenny. Well, she doubted for a moment. Kenny always makes the pictures a bit exaggerated on purpose, so you only doubt if its real.

Many people like the pictures very much. The Instagram page OnAdventureWithDad (adventuring with Dad) has 15,000 followers in 24 hours. Kenny wants to post a photo every week.