Father locks son (39) in the attic for months because he is unemployed

A 70-year-old father locked his 39-year-old son in the attic for at least four months in the French city of Malmerspach because he had become unemployed. The son turned out to be severely malnourished.

The case came to light because the son had taken on his father. His mother called the police. At first, cops thought it was a common brawl, but during physical exam, the victim turned out to be extremely skinny. โ€œHe reminded me of those images of prisoners in camps,โ€ one of the attendees flaps out.

During an interrogation, the man told me that he returned to his parents home a year after losing his job. According to the father, his son didnt do enough to find a new job. He found him but a loser and then locked his son in the attic.

The man did not get to eat, but secretly managed to reach the fridge at night to eat the leftovers. But if his father finds out, the hatch of the attic will be closed, as French media report.

The father has to go to court in February. Neighbors declare they didnt notice that the 39-year-old man was locked up in the house for months.