Father Van Hooijdonk winks about Heerenveen: ‘As big as that ball was out’

Pierre van Hooijdonk received questions at Studio Voetbal on Sunday evening about the sporting future of his son Sydney, who is fast on his way to sc Heerenveen. Pi-Air kept it short and cryptic, but indeed seemed to confirm the upcoming arrival of the Bologna striker.

Van Hooijdonk junior traded NAC Breda for I Felsinei last summer, but in its first Serie A season must mainly have short rains and has not come into action since 7 November. The Leeuwarder Courant was able to report on Friday that Heerenveen is almost out with the rush hour, which has to come across on a rental basis. His fathers comment spoke volumes. โ€œThe chances are almost as high that that ball was out,โ€ says Van Hooijdonk with a wink, aiming at the most discussed moment during PSV-Ajax.
The 21-year-old Bredanaar had a strong year last season with sixteen goals, which, however, went noisy. It didn
t butter between Van Hooijdonk and trainer Maurice Steijn, who responded in conversation with VoetbalPrimeur at the end of October to the criticism Van Hooijdonk delivered on him. โ€œI cant guarantee a base spot for any player, but that was demanded on his part. If he didnt play, he wanted to leave constantly. In fact, his environment even wanted NAC to pay a fine if he didnt play a certain number of matches,โ€ it sounded at the time.