FBI: Capitol Stormer wanted to sell laptop Pelosi to Russia

A woman who participated in the storming of the US Parliament building earlier this month and alleged to have stolen a laptop from the office of Commons Chairman Nancy Pelosi wanted to sell the laptop to the Russian authorities, sets the Federal Police Office FBI judicial documents. The woman, Riley June Williams, was wanted by the FBI for โ€œthe violent entry into the Capitol and โ€œdisorderly behaviorโ€ there.

The Washington Post reported Monday that the federal authorities had said they had arrested Williams, but gave little further details. An FBI agent, based on photos and videos of the attack on the Capitol, has claimed that Williams has been near Pelosi‘s office.

A witness, who is indicated in the court documents as W1, but claims to be Williams’s former lover, has stated that she intended to send a laptop that she would have exploited to a friend in Russia. That could have resold the computer to Russian foreign intelligence SVR. That sale โ€œdid not go through for unknown reasons, and Williams still has the computer or destroyed it,โ€ says the witness‘s statement.

It’s unclear whether a laptop was actually stolen from Pelosi‘s office. The FBI still says they’re investigating that.

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