FBI confirms: found body in US missing case belongs to Gabby Petito

The body found on Sunday in a national park in Wyoming state shows 22-year-old missing Gabby Petito. The FBI reports that she was killed by a crime.

The Petito case has been gripping the US for days. The woman had been on a tour of the US with her fiancรฉ Brian Laundrie since last June. As her ambition was to become a travel writer, she described the course of the trip via social media. In October they would complete their journey from the east coast to the west in the state of Oregon.

Fiancรฉ is without a trace

On August 25, Petito last gave an update on the trip. A few days later, Laundrie returned to his hometown in Florida on his own by car. Despite her parents insistence, he refused to say where Petito left off. On September 11, her parents reported her missing.

During the police investigation it became clear that Petito and Laundrie had stopped by officers in the state of Utah a week and a half before her disappearance after an argument. The two had been separated to cool off but were allowed to travel further afterwards.

Laundrie returned from the tour without Petito. He hasnt been seen since he left his family home in Florida last week. Hes been searching for days in a swampy nature park.