FBI releases first 9/11 document after President Bidens order

The FBI published a first document on the September 11 th 2001 attacks in the United States. It links the attacks and Saudi nationals in the US, but evidence that senior Saudi officials or the Saudi government were involved in the attacks is not provided.

The 2016 16-page document details the FBI investigation into the support granted by Saudi Omar al-Bayoumi to two aircraft hijackers. Shortly after the two arrived in California in February 2000, they met Bayoumi at a halal restaurant, after which he helped them rent an apartment in San Diego.

Bayoumi has always said it was a chance meeting. He worked and studied in the U.S. since 1994. The FBI suspects him of being a Saudi agent, but he and Saudi Arabia deny that.

Logistic Support

The basis of the now released document is an interrogation of an unnamed Saudi in 2015, who had been in contact with Saudi people who would have given โ€œimportant logistical supportโ€ to various aircraft hijackers years before. One of his contacts was Bayoumi. Another contact was a staff member of the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles, who would have led an extremist group within his mosque.

Its the first of a series of secret documents that the FBI is about to release in the coming time. President Biden ordered that. Biden calls publishing these documents part of his election pledge to provide transparency about the attacks, which were committed exactly 20 years ago yesterday.


Survivors of 9/11 victims had called for the documents to be released. They are convinced that Saudi Arabia is behind the attacks and see additional evidence in the released document.

But the Saudi embassy says the documents will prove precisely that the allegations made to Saudi Arabia are false.