FC Barcelona and Real Madrid deliver spectacle: Its coming nearer

The setting offered little perspective, but the Spanish newspapers are (partly) satisfied after El Clásico, which was played in Saudi Arabia for the change. Although FC lost Barcelona, there is plenty of reason to leave the country with his head held high.
Due to (presumably) commercial reasons, it was decided to finish the competition between Barcelona and Real Madrid on neutral ground. The Royal was too strong. Barcelona and Real Madrid gave Saudi audiences a monumental classic, two giants of world football, writes the leading MARCA.
There was no trace of the alleged difference between the two, a duel worth paying for. Madrid won galloping with a decisive counter in overtime, but Xavier‘s Barça showed himself a fantastic opponent who was able to compete with drive, play and goals of Luuk de Jong and Ansu Fati at the highest level. The Classic is back.
AS writes about an emotional and exhausting Classic. The white counterattack against a great Barça. Madrid was better when it ran, but became choked when it was pressured. Barça’
s young people were better than the veterans of Real Madrid. Respect for Barcelona is increasing. Xavi won the story. Xavi won the story. Now he has to win the matches, it‘s getting closer.
Luuk de Jong was responsible for the opening goal. ‘
Luuk de Jong, a demonized and forced spare stride, was close to the equalizer with two heads, but ended up being hit, ‘the newspaper writes about it.
Mundo Deportivo also believes that Barcelona can draw hope from the lost Classic. It doesn’
t really want to float for the Xavi team yet, but it may be different now. Madrid wins the match, but the lost match encourages Barcelona. Barça hasn‘t completely returned yet, but almost. It was in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh, where the Classic of the Super Cup semi-final was played away from the fans.
It was about Xavi, Pedri and the other the young people, but mainly about Ansu Fati. He forced the overtime Barça lost due to a defensive error. Real Madrid, infallible, fast and practical, struck with one of its deadly weapons, placing itself for this Sunday’
s final.