FC Barcelona attacker Antoine Griezmann stops deal with Huawei to “Uyghur alarm”

French football international Antoine Griezmann has terminated its sponsorship contract with Huawei because of reports that the Chinese telecom giant is involved in tracking and monitoring Uyghurs, the Islamic minority group that is being suppressed in China.

FC Barcelonas 29-year-old striker played a prominent role in an extensive advertising campaign for the company in France. He was a member of the group since 2017.

Following strong suspicions that Huawei has contributed to the development of an Uigur alert through facial recognition software, I immediately terminate my partnership with the company, said Griezmann.

The American newspaper The Washington Post revealed earlier this week that Huawei Technologies tested with another Chinese tech company using camera system software that could recognize Uyghurs faces.

In addition, an automatic alarm signal would be triggered to Chinese security services. If a face was recognized with features of the Uyghur community, an Uyghur alarm could go off. The police could take action.

Huawei in a comment announced that there have indeed been tests, but the technology has not been deployed for use.