FC Barcelona upset with AS Roma and considers legal action

FC Barcelona is upset with AS Roma. The Italian club has withdrawn from the battle for the annual Joan Gamper Trophy at Camp Nou. The Catalans are even considering legal action.
Barรงa has been inviting an appealing opponent to the traditional opening game every year since 1966. On 6 August, the team of trainer Xavi would cross swords with AS Roma, but that will not happen. I Giallorossi informs that the plans for the preparation have changed, leaving it in absentia.
Barcelona does not settle for that. The La Liga superpower takes a statement at the Romans. AS Roma decided unilaterally and without giving any reason to terminate the contract signed by both parties. The clubs legal department is studying the possible actions to claim from the Italian team the damage that the unexpected and unjustified decision could cause for Barcelona and its fans.โ€
In addition to the teams of Xavi and Josรฉ Mourinho, the womens teams should also have competed against each other. Barรงa is looking for a new opponent, but announces that fans will get their money back for the time being.

AS Roma unilaterally rescinds contract to play in Gamper ๐Ÿ”— https://t.co/lYsVEETF8Y pic.twitter.com/Fkuture4NW
โ€” FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) June 27, 2022