FC Den Bosch is bummed: Too bad this is the outcome if youve been busy for so long

FC Den Bosch is disappointed that the Public Prosecutor‘s Office has not been able to prosecute supporters for the racist statements made to Ahmed Mendes Moreira in 2019. The Public’s Office came with news on Monday.
There‘s not enough evidence to prosecute two suspects, according to the prosecution. โ€œIt is of course disappointing that this is the outcome if you have been working together for so long,โ€ says Managing Director Rob Almering van Den Bosch to the ANP.
Yet there also sounds understanding. โ€œBut we also understand that on the basis of suspicions you can’
t prosecute anyone. Hard evidence is needed for that. It is a pity that this is lacking, despite the efforts of many specialists,โ€ says Almering.
โ€œUnintentionally we as a club have been the catalyst of this,โ€ he continues. โ€œWe want to be part of the solution. Together with the KNVB, the Anne Frank House, the COC and the John Blankenstein Foundation, we are working hard on this. It goes beyond racism, it concerns discrimination in the broadest sense of the word. We show our youth players in workshops what misery discrimination can lead to. And our trainers get lessons on inclusiveness and acceptance. This outcome of the investigation is disappointing, but as a club we are already on the move.โ€