FC Den Bosch quickly changes positions and stops working with head coach

FC Den Bosch and head coach Erik van der Ven decided to split up immediately on Saturday. The Brabantse club lost a chance of Helmond Sport on Friday evening (4-0) and occupied the last place in the Kitchen Champion Division.

โ€œ Last Tuesday we informed Erik that after this season we are choosing a new head coachโ€, explains manager football affairs Jan Gรถsgens on our own club site. โ€œWe also said that we want to finish this season with him, and as best as possible. That was our sincere intention. Last night‘s game gave reason to talk to each other. In the conversation, during which Erik’s manager and Rob Almering were present, we came to the conclusion that it is better to end the cooperation already.โ€

Remarkable is that before the match with Helmond Sport for the cameras of ESPN Gรถsgens indicated that Van der Ven would finish the season at FC Den Bosch anyway. โ€œErik is a superprofessional. We also assume that we will get some points in time, because that‘s what the boys need and Erik van der Ven tooโ€, he noted. After the extensive defeat against Helmond Sport there was a different view of the matter.

FC Den Bosch has not yet appointed a replacement for Van der Ven. The Brabantse club doesn’t run smoothly anyway. Earlier this week, Den Bosch announced the arrival of player Jeroen Lumu, but that official announcement turned out to be a little too premature. A day later it turned out that Lumu is not planning to join the wandering team after all. So for the time being, it is restless in Den Bosch.