FC Eindhoven uses De Rooij-tons and picks old known road at Willem II

Willem II sold Justin Ogenia to FC Eindhoven. The defender played on a rental basis on the Aalsterweg for the last six months and made a good impression, so the Blauw-Witten decided to record it definitively.

Ogenia is a rightback who received his education at Willem II. He made his debut in the home game against Feyenoord on 1 September 2019, but it would not go beyond that one gig in Tilburg. At FC Eindhoven the defender played ten matches in the Kuken Champion Division, but that counter can now increase. De Blauw-Witten wanted to capture Ogenia for a long time, but only now have the financial possibilities due to the sale of Kaj de Rooij.
On the website of the Tricolores, Ogenia says goodbye. โ€œI would like to thank the club, staff members and all the players I‘ve worked with for the past nine years. It’s not easy to leave the club you‘ve been to for so long. They’ve been wonderful years I‘ll never forget. At William II I became a man of a boy and I am forever grateful to the club for that. It is time to take a new step in my career and I will continue to follow Willem II.โ€

Welcome back, Justin! รโ€ ยตรขลกยชรฏยธรฐรฟ’ยช #TransferDeadlineDay #FCEindhoven https://t.co/Y7nBRfPCHD
โ€” FC Eindhoven (@FCEindhoven) October 6, 2020