FC Emmen may be affected by 2G policy: ‘That brings excitement’

The possible implementation of the 2G policy in the Netherlands could also have an impact on FC Emmen. At the moment, four players of the Kitchen Champion Division team are not vaccinated against the virus, which would mean they are not allowed to play matches.
Trainer Dick Lukkien does not dare to draw any conclusions yet. โ€œWe have to wait and see what the cabinet will decide,โ€ he says in FC Emmen Red White TV of RTV Drenthe. โ€œOf course that brings some tension, but it‘s the way it is. The number of corona cases is booming and we are now affected with two staff members and Lorenzo Burnet.โ€
โ€œActually, I am a bit done with all the opinions about the virus,โ€ Lukkien continues. โ€œWe just have to leave it to the specialists. The only thing we as a club can do is observe the rules and press the players to take good care of themselves.โ€
It does tell the Emmen trainer that last Friday the cabinet decided to introduce measures that affect both amateur and professional football. โ€œBecause it’
s almost impossible to explain. It‘s not straight line at all. I understand that the virus is very unpredictable, let there be no misunderstanding about it. But there’s no way to explain that a parent can‘t watch their child (ren) at a sports game on weekends, but she can wait at the gate and go to the cinema together.โ€
The professional clubs have to do it in the next few weeks without an audience in the stands, much to Lukkien’
s surprise. โ€œThe clubs have participated in all kinds of experiments. This showed that there is no significant increase in contamination rates. Moreover, there was no binding advice from the OMT to defend the public.โ€