FC Emmen surprised at rejected deal with shirt sponsor in sex toys

FC Emmen chairman Ronald Lubbers is very surprised that the KNVB has rejected the sponsorship deal of the football club with sex toy company EasyToys from Veendam.

“According to the KNVB, the sponsorship deal is contrary to good taste or decency, with which the association is in fact saying that we as a company have also acted indecent. That is against the sore leg,” says Lubbers to RTV Drenthe.

“Of course a lot of money is at stake and I am very disappointed when the main sponsorship deal goes down, but frankly I am more outraged by the arguments of the KNVB. According to the associations committee, the link can be made with the sex industry. We are talking about a neat company that supplies sex toys to private individuals at home and abroad”

Not appropriate

The KNVB states in a written response that the competition clothing must be in accordance with the statutes, regulations and decisions of the association. All clubs – including FC Emmen – have agreed to these regulations.

These regulations stipulate, among other things, that sponsor statements may not conflict with good taste or decency. “Although there may be differing views on this, the professional football board is of the opinion that it is not appropriate to show sponsorship that can be associated with the sex industry on match clothing

The KNVB goes on to argue that football is and should be accessible to young and old alike. But according to the Emmen President, this was a watertight plan. “Our youth would not play at all in a shirt with this sponsor. After all, in consultation with EasyToys there would be room for charity

Lubbers also wonders out loud why the KNVB does allow Toto to be on a football shirt as a sponsor, namely on the sleeve of Feyenoord players. “I think gambling can lead to addiction and ultimately to much bigger problems. Moreover, we had approval from the Advertising Code Committee. Several leading marketing agencies, to whom we submitted this deal, also saw no obstacles

Sponsorship on billboards in the stadium may be from sex-related companies. According to the KNVB, this advertising does not require permission, but shirts do.

Decent deal

Director Eric Idema of EasyToys is also disappointed that the KNVB is blocking the sponsorship deal between his company and FC Emmen. What disturbed him the most was that the football association did not want to talk to him once. “I had enough arguments to make the KNVB realise that the deal would be one of good decency. I have a healthy business, where a lot of people work very hard. I wanted to mean something to a club that I have a feeling about, I was born in Emmen”

For the time being, the KNVB has no plans to look at the sponsorship deal again. The chairman of FC Emmen is combative: “We wont leave it at that”