FC Groningen criticism easily: ‘Impulsive and reckless’

Danny Makkelie supports his decision to give Sparta a a penalty kick in the final phase of the game with FC Groningen. The referee placed the ball on the dot after Tobias Lauritsen fell over Mike te Wierik‘s leg.
โ€œFrom my position, I saw that there was light contact,โ€ Easkelie responds to ESPN afterwards. โ€œTe Wierik slipped in fairly impetuously, at high speed and with his leg up. The Sparta player tried to avoid the tackle and then fell out of balance. Then it’
s a penalty kick for me.โ€
Easie was still called to the screen by the VAR, but the images did not change his mind either. โ€œThe VAR indicated that he had doubts whether it was tough enough to kick a penalty. I couldn‘t tell from the footage that there had been no contact. Then I have to stick to my decision. The contact was light, but it was also the recklessness of income sliding with the tackle and leg up. If that player (Lauritsen, ed.) doesn’t jump, he might get injured, it‘s not a pop dive.โ€
โ€œThere will always be a combination of an attacker’
s cleverness and a defender‘s stupidity. But I can imagine jumping when a tackle like that is used. Or are you going to stand there? I think you’ll try to avoid the tackle at all times,โ€ says Easkelie, who thinks Te Wierik should look in the mirror. โ€œWhy does the defender have to take such action there? Perhaps the defender should also be a little smarter.โ€
Due to the late penalty, Sparta won 2-1 against Groningen at home.