FC Groningen rejects 10 million bid: ‘Would like to keep Jorgen’

FC Groningen has rejected a multi-million dollar bid by Middlesbrough for Jorgen Strand Larsen. The club wants to continue with the Norwegian striker and even hopes to upgrade its contract, says technical director Mark-Jan Fledderus.
It is reported that Middlesbroughs bid is around ten million euros, but Fledderus does not want to let Strand Larsen go at all. โ€œFirst of all, lets say that we are all extremely proud of Jorgens development. I can still remember seeing him play football in Norway two years ago, a striker with very good conditions: he has length, speed and a good basic technique. He didnt score much yet, but we saw a lot of potential in it,โ€ says Fledderus to the club channel.
โ€œHe stands for what we want. Over the past three years, weve made a lot of money in the transfer market, but we want to perform and actually like to keep Jorgen. We also sat down with him and said: there is a chance that clubs will sign up for you. We had an open conversation about how we would deal with it together. We said: we want to keep you and only sell for the absolute grand prize. So that we dont get into a fight with every bid that comes in,โ€ continues Fledderus.
โ€œFor this amount, he can go with this resale rate. If that doesnt come to the table, then its off track. That was true until the last friendly match against Osasuna. That was also clear to Jorgen and his agent. That appointment is now off the table and now we are trying to do everything we can to keep Jorgen inboard. Bologna offered twice, as did Middlesbrough, which offered a lot more than Bologna. He sees such a step, but he also understands the club. We want to talk to Jorgen about upgrading his contract. Thats the status at the moment. No one knows how its going to go, but were going to do everything we can to keep him inboard with a good feeling.โ€