FC Twente has a bite and presents new general manager

Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth is the new general director of FC Twente. That‘s what the club has announced.
Brüggenwirth succeeds Paul van der Kraan. Brüggenwirth will form the new management of Twente together with Martijn Hoogstoevenbeld (financial and operational director) and Jan Streuer (technical director).
s an honor to work for FC Twente. A traditional club with a rich history, but also with clear ambitions. FC Twente knows where she wants to go in the coming years. In realising these ambitions, we need everyone, especially the supporters and the sponsors. That‘s what we do for, says Brüggenwirth on the club site of Twente.
In the difficult years their support was heartwarming, which is unique and says a lot about the club. FC Twente is of course much more than just a business, but there is an agreement: there is also some money to be earned. Money that can be spent on football, because that is always leading. I’
m happy to help with that. I look forward to meeting everyone within FC Twente soon.
In the past, Brüggenwirth has worked at international advertising agencies such as Saatchi, McCannericson and Ogilvy.

🎥 INTERVIEW Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth new Managing Director as of July 1st 🔴 #FCTwente pic.twitter.com/99tjh64tng
— FC Twente (@fctwente) April 26, 2021