FC Twente has a simple evening in Serbia and wins big

FC Twente won childishly easily against FC Cukaricki. The team of coach Ron Jans was too strong 1-3 in Belgrade, making it in the Conference League playoffs with one leg.
Twente shot out of the starting blocks in its first European appearance in eight years. Ricky van Wolfswinkel immediately got a big chance after a splitting pass by Gijs Smal, but he just didn‘t get the ball past the goalkeeper. Not much later, Smal himself was close by with a dangerous free-kick. For Daan Rots, it was a hit after eight minutes. He extended a cross by Virgil Misidjan well with his head: 0-1.

FC Twente will rest 0-3 in Belgrade. Daan Rots manages to open the score with a good header. #cuktwe pic.twitter.com/VdWeOfLz0k
โ€” VTBL โšฝ (@vtbl) August 4, 2022

The Tukkers did not have a child to the Serbs, but after twelve minutes almost the equaliser fell. Mees Hilgers played the ball back too short on Lars Unnerstall, which almost allowed an opponent to intervene. It fizzled out. Although Twente remained sloppy, the home team was unable to profit. After half an hour, the 0-2 followed. Misidjan laid back well on Vlap, who shot a controlled hit.
A few minutes later, Van Wolfswinkel was with his head close to 0-3, and no one had looked up to that. Twente was much better than Cukaricki and managed to create a man-more situation every time. That third goal fell shortly before the break. Joshua Brenet moved after a pass from Van Wolfswinkel.
It was a wealth for Twente halfway through. In the second half it was a bit of a shock after a collision between Pleguezuelo and Unnerstall. However, the German goalkeeper was able to move on and distinguished himself when an attacker showed up in front of him. The home club clearly tapped out of a different keg and Twente actually had a hard time. It resulted in Stefan Kovac’
s 1-3 half an hour before time.
Because of that goal, Twente was shaken up again, but the visitors from Enschede were no longer in a hurry to make a fourth hit. As a result, it remained at 1-3, Twente only has to get through the return unscathed to qualify for the playoffs. In that, Fiorentina would be the opponent.