FC Utrecht captures bot: ‘Social career is more likely to succeed ‘

The return of Tim Pieters at FC Utrecht is limited to one season. The nineteen-year-old assailant played in the youth training in the past, was picked up again last summer at USV Hercules and this season makes minutes on behalf of Jong FC Utrecht in the Keuken Champion Division: Pieters opts for a social career.
Pieters has so far noted five goals and six assists in thirty Kitchen Champion Division matches. He has five more games to sharpen those numbers, after which his professional adventure is over. โ€œI am very grateful that I got a chance in paid football at FC Utrecht last year,โ€ he says to the FC Utrecht channels. โ€œBut in the meantime, I struggled with the choice I had to make between my studies and professional football.โ€
The choice of Pieters is therefore at first, although FC Utrecht wanted to continue with him. โ€œI was very happy that FC Utrecht wanted to go on with me and lifted my option, but my doubts remained. This doubt was partly because in the short term I saw little perspective on playing minutes in the first team and saw more chances of success in my social career,โ€ he explains. Pieters is now going to focus entirely on his studies. โ€œIt was a difficult choice, but I am pleased with the experience I have gained here and with the cooperation of FC Utrecht.โ€

โšฝ ๐Ÿ’ฌ The attacker of Jong #fcutrecht chooses to study over an additional contract year at the club in consultation with FC Utrecht. ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://t.co/Pkh5w2nooH
โ€” FC Utrecht (@fcutrecht) April 13, 2021