FC Utrecht is still waiting for first win, Cambuur celebrates first run

FC Utrecht and SC Cambuur balanced each other on Saturday evening. Although the odds were certainly not scarce, there was still 0-0 on the leaderboard after ninety minutes.
Bas Dost made his basic debut for Utrecht against Cambuur in an atmospheric Galgenwaard. The home team shot out of the starting blocks, although Hidde ter Avest and Dost failed to score. Within fifteen minutes, Cambuur goalie Joรฃo had to stop Virgรญnia four times. Daishawn Redan was also close to a hit in the opening phase, but the striker came across the Portuguese.
After that, the game went down a bit and the Leeuwarders got into the game better. At halftime, Henk Fraser intervened and made a double switch. This did not lead to the desired effect, as the game waved up and down the second half. In the final phase, Utrecht pushed through the most, but Dost and co. did not manage to become dangerous anymore.
Cambuur has reached the first point of the season due to the draw. There is work to be done at Utrecht. Last week, a tie was played on a visit to RKC Waalwijk and also against Cambuur, Frasers team does not get further than a division of points.