Features of ‘The Sims 4: Country Life’ supplement explained in new trailer

Not long ago, EA and Maxis announced another, ninth addition to The Sims 4‘s famous life simulation. And now with the help of Harold’s lama, the creators have told in a new trailer about everything it will bring to players. Country Life will feature a new town, a serene place of Hanford -On-Bagley.

It combines all the advantages of modern life with rustic serenity and is perfect for Sims who want to prove themselves in animal husbandry, vegetable gardening and cooking. The site appears “Simple Life”: this means that food and ingredients can no longer be indefinitely pulled out of the fridge.

Now flour should be bought from the village shop, go to the cow for milk, and look for eggs in the chicken coop. And the garden achievements can be boasted at Finchwick Fair.

Two new types of buildings, bread and chicken coop, allow you to settle cows, chickens, and even lamas on the site. Lam wool is perfect for a new hobby, embroidery.

And those who do chickens will have to deal with various threats like foxes who pull prey from the chicken coop. An alarm is provided for this.

“The Sims 4 Country Life” is released July 22. Those who buy it by September 2 will receive special bonuses as a gift: a unique bike, a gnome figurine riding a chicken and a tree with fixtures.

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