‘Feeling that I could be first right-back at PSV, but trainer said something different’

Shurandy Sambo felt like he could be PSVs first right-back this season. When the twenty-year-old defender received a different message, he decided to seek salvation elsewhere. Now Sambo plays on a rental basis at Sparta Rotterdam, thanks in part to Denzel Dumfries.
Sambo was eliminated with an injury almost the entire previous season, but the youth international did a good preparation in Eindhoven. โ€œI had the feeling that I could become a first right-back, but in the end the trainer indicated that the spots were already occupied,โ€ he says in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œThen I also made the choice myself: rather make minutes somewhere else than be second right-back.โ€
โ€œNow I
m at Sparta to help the club achieve great results. Its an intermediate step for me to show myself and hopefully return to PSV, to become first right-back there.โ€ Sambo won advice on Sparta at Dumfries in. โ€œHe told me that there are good people around here. I spoke to him, but also Nigel Thomas and Omar Rekik.โ€
After this season, Sparta has the option to permanently take over Sambo for half a million euros. However, PSV can also block the purchase option. Sambo is still waiting for his official debut for Sparta. The Rotterdammers will play against AZ at home on Sunday.