Fence closer Den Bosch dismisses trainer after all: ‘That was a reason to talk’

FC Den Bosch ended the collaboration with head coach Erik van der Ven immediately. Club and practice master were supposed to split up after this season, but the large defeat against Helmond Sport has accelerated that process.

Friday evening Helmond won with no less than 4-0 from Den Bosch and therefore the Blue-White Dragons ranked last in the Kooke Champion Division. This led the club to remove Van der Ven from office earlier than planned. Last Tuesday it was announced that the roads of club and trainer would only separate after this season.
On the website of the Bosschenaren, manager football affairs Jan Gรถsgens explains why a different path has been chosen so soon after that decision. โ€œLast nights game gave reason to talk to each other. In the conversation, we came to the conclusion that it is better to end the cooperation already.โ€
In the coming period FC Den Bosch will think about whether an interim trainer will be appointed or whether a new training master will be picked up on a regular basis.

FC Den Bosch and head coach Erik van der Ven decided on Saturday afternoon in good consultation to say goodbye to each other immediately. https://t.co/8Wbo6gKjqm
โ€” FC Den Bosch (@mijnfcdenbosch) January 16, 2021