Fencing action film Listen to the Wind is released on 23 September

The four-person independent studio Papertiger and publishing house Gamera Game announced a release date for the film Listen to the Wind. The game will be released on Steam on 23 September. Listen to the Wind takes place in the Ming era, during the Jiajing period.

In the course of passing, we will be able to meet real historical personalities of those times, such as Qi Jiguang, Wang Zhi, Xu Hai, Matsura Takanobu and others. In the times described, rampant corruption in government and mismanagement at the borders led to Japanese pirates beginning to attack the southeast coast of China.

Our hero will start fighting against pirates with soldiers, but soon finds that its not easy with pirate invasion. In a two-dimensional sidescroller, we will face apostates, monks and other enemies.

And winning will require not only precision and awareness, but also attention to every movement of the enemy. As we move through the plot, we will have to make decisions.

And not only the final of the story, but the course of its development will depend on them. And if desired, you can check out other branches of the story to learn more about all the characters.

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