Fernandinho basebast after 8 years of Shakhtar and 9 years of City back to childhood sweetheart

Fernandinho completes the circle after eight years of Shakhtar Donetsk and nine years of Manchester City. The 37-year-old Brazilian returns to Athletico Paranaense in his native country after seventeen years, the club announces Monday.
Fernandinho took his first steps as a professional footballer at Athletico Paranaense, before leaving for Shakhtar Donetsk in 2005. The controlling midfielder was offered by Manchester City to orient himself on a trainer career, but continues as a footballer for a few more years. On Monday, he signed a permanent contract until the end of 2024.
Athletico Paranaense will logically become the last stop in the career of the 53-time international. โ€œIt has always been my dream to wear Athletico‘s shirt again one day. I will soon look back on a career in which I played for three clubs: two in Europe and one in Brazilโ€, he says after his return. โ€œI’ve had countless offers, inside and outside of Brazil. But this was the most sensible decision: back home.โ€

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โ€” Athletico Paranaense (@AthleticoPR) June 27, 2022