Ferry Doedens mourns to leave at GTST

Three more weeks, and then his time in Good Times, bad times are over after eleven years. And that is very hard for actor Ferry Doedens: โ€œIts a feeling of mourning.โ€

His approaching departure at RTL 4 soap describes the thirty year old actor as a mourning process. In a video he shares on Instragam, he speaks to his fans from the set. โ€œI walk around here for another three weeks, with a very crazy feeling. Its a sense of mourning or something. Although I dont want to make it too hard, because Ive been in a sort of grieving process lately.โ€

For weeks, all kinds of questions have been going through Ferrys head. โ€œWhat do I want? Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want to do in my life? So I really dont know that at all. And of course, โ€œwhere one door closes, another door opens.โ€ I know all that, too. But that insecure feeling is pretty intense lately.โ€

Indescribable feeling

It hurts the actor, who was also seen in various musicals, that he has to say goodbye to his character Lucas. โ€œThat is an indescribable feeling. But I want you to know by now that its not easy for me, anyway. But Im going to try to put Lukas as nice and cozy as possible. And then its done.โ€

At the end of June with EndemolShine and RTL it was decided that Ferry โ€” who thanked his fans for all the nice messages โ€” would stop at the soap opera. According to the producer, a situation had arisen which resulted in a difficult working relationship for all parties.