Festival Down The Rabbit Hole sold out in four minutes

The last tickets for the Dutch festival Down The Rabbit Hole are sold out in four minutes. Thats what the organization tells us through social media. There were eight thousand tickets on sale for the music festival, including Gorillaz, Disclosure, Doe Maar and Balthazar.

There are still a number of combination tickets available, with these tickets you will find a luxury accommodation, such as a tent or a small bungalow. The price of these tickets is much higher than the regular tickets, where the festivalgoers have to bring their own accommodation for the campsite.

Due to the coronation situation, the festival has been postponed by more than a month from the beginning of July to the end of August. The organisation expects that due to the relocation it is more likely that the festival can continue and that more international bands and artists can be booked in August, because they will be on tour.

Down The Rabbit Hole will also move once to the site of Lowlands in Biddinghuizen this year. Normally the festival is in Beuningen. Because the festival shares a lot of stuff on site with big brother Lowlands, which is the weekend before, the idea arose to move to Biddinghuizen once.