Fewer guests in talk shows after call Rutte

The big late night talk shows become more critical in inviting guests. This presumably means that there will be fewer guests in the studio and that there will be more frequent use of video connections. The NPO and RTL say this on Thursday after a call from Prime Minister Mark Rutte during his coronapers conference.

Rutte argued that talk show guests should get an exception to curfew. But he did call on the creators of Op1 and Jinek to think about other ways of conducting conversations instead of having a round table discussion in the studio. For example, he suggested calling in with guests or recording calls (partly) in the afternoon.

โ€œ We are very aware of the social pressure when people are subject to curfew,โ€ says OP1 editor Bert Huisjes. โ€œIt is strange to see a show on television with a large number of people at the table as viewers who are not allowed at home. We are going to weigh very well which guests we invite and which guests we are going to grant a waiver.โ€

More video connections

This approach applies immediately, so not until the curfew starts this weekend, says Huisjes. He stresses, however, that the talks in Op1 will not only be about corona. โ€œEven during curfew, our guiding principle is that subjects should inspire us.โ€

RTL content director Peter van der Vorst also tells us that Jinek will select even more critical in the coming period. โ€œWe are going to invite fewer guests to the studio and also use video connections more often, for example,โ€ he says.