Feyenoord clings to new stadium: ‘Design looks beautiful’

Feyenoord will continue to develop a new stadium in the Maas. The club considers all plans feasible. Architectural firm OMA will be able to develop the technical design further in the coming months.

Partly due to the corona crisis and the increased construction costs, it was uncertain for a long time whether Feyenoord wanted to continue. In addition, the club did not want to pay for the technical design itself. These are now paid for externally.

In the autumn of 2021 it should be clear whether there are enough investors and whether BAM wants to take on the project. Total cost: EUR 444 million. This will make it one of the most expensive stadiums in Europe.

Spring 2022 will see the first pile driven into the ground

The first pile is scheduled to be driven in spring 2022. The new stadium, surrounded by shops and entertainment venues, will then open in 2025 and will seat 63,000 spectators.

“The design looks beautiful. The stadium can make a significant contribution to the desired growth of Feyenoord’s football budget and the development of the club as a whole,” said Managing Director Mark Koevermans.

Feyenoord’s decision to continue with the plan development does not mean that the stadium will actually get there. That also depends on the municipality of Rotterdam and Stadium Feyenoord, the other parties involved.

Feyenoord wants to receive at least EUR 25 million a year in income via the new stadium. The city council has doubts about the feasibility of the stadium plans. In addition, the public interest served by the stadium needs to be made clearer.