Feyenoord Director Koevermans is under fire after grassmaster solo action

Feyenoord director Mark Koevermans is under fire for a “well-intentioned but thoughtless solo action” by grass master Erwin Beltman, writes RTV Rijnmond.
In the calm of the home game against Go Ahead Eagles, two weeks ago, the deadsick Feyenoord supporter Marco van den Wildenberg was given the opportunity to say goodbye to the club and De Kuip, a few days later he would step out of life with euthanasia. Beltman was the one who gave Van den Wildenberg permission to go out on the field. Beltman received that request shortly before the game. He couldnt refuse it.
According to Rijnmond, Feyenoord receives requests from or for sick supporters on a daily basis and has set up the Special Wishes Department for this purpose. Beltman should have referred the people around Van den Wildenberg to that department. Director Koevermans was not happy with Beltman
s action because it is not intended for an employee to decide who may or may not be on the field. He therefore wanted Beltman to be tapped on his fingers, but that did not see stadium director Jan van Merwijk, who is in charge of the field staff.
The story leaked through social media and Koevermans has received a lot of furious reactions. Beltmans action came from a good heart and a punishment is therefore seen as inappropriate. Beltman acknowledges he should have referred.
Koevermans cannot have the unrest around his person personally. Criticism of him is increasing, among other things, due to a scene from the Disney+ documentary “That One Word”, in which it becomes clear that Feyenoord
s youth trainers are not really aware of the clubs vision.