Feyenoord fans attack stadium proponents

A group of thirty Feyenoord fans harassed Feyenoord City supporters on Saturday. At least two people were visited at home by the Rotterdam supporters, who kept their dislike about the construction of a new stadium. That reports the Algemeen Dagblad.
The fans were removed by the police when they stood up for the house of Ard Buijsen. The Rotterdam architect is known as a supporter of a new Kuip. The supporters dressed in black, some of whom are known as hooligan, called him, banging against the window and swinging pampering at his head, as Buijsen tells the newspaper. Stickers were also glued to his house: โ€œMore club life than love of construction?โ€
Buijsen doesn‘t want to be intimidated. โ€œI find this especially annoying for my family, because it’s pretty scare. Of course, it is scandalous that this is happening. But this only strengthens me in my conviction that a new stadium is the best thing for Feyenoord. I shall continue to proclaim this opinion.โ€ Against RTV Rijnmond, he argues that threats and harassment are richer and impact’. This applies to ‘lots of people’ within Feyenoord and Feyenoord City.
A few weeks ago, fans already demonstrated at the company of Alexander van der Lely, a leading investor in the new stadium. Then they had a banner with the text: โ€œAlexander van der Lely we never forgetโ€.
The club leadership of Feyenoord emphasized on Saturday by means of a full-page advertisement in the Rotterdam edition of the AD again to want a new stadium. ‘Good for Feyenoord, good for Rotterdam. We’re going for it.โ€ Despite this, there are still doubts in Rotterdam politics.

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โ€” Debs Theijn (@deborah_theijn) June 5, 2021