Feyenoord gets out of the bag: ‘This felt more like a training part’

FC Copenhagen gave Feyenoord a big hit on Saturday afternoon, winning 0-7 at Varkenoord. Trainer Jess Thorup is, oddly enough, disappointed at the end of the race.
The Danes had counted on more opposition from Feyenoord. โ€œYes, this result sounds fierce,โ€ Thorup acknowledges on the club channels. โ€œThis was not the competition we were hoping for and needed. This Feyenoord was not as strong as we expected.โ€ The losing Conference League finalist missed the internationals during the exhibition game, leaving many youth players on the field.
Although Thorup compliments his team, he also gives out a small sneer to the people of Rotterdam. โ€œWe have done our job well and there are several positive points that we can take from this race, even though it felt more like a training party than a real exhibition match,โ€ he says. โ€œWe were hoping to compete with a team that ticked the European summit and that did not happen.โ€