Feyenoord hits around 24 million euro after lost Conference League final

Feyenoord had to leave the Conference League to AS Roma and can take stock after a memorable European season. Football Primeur lists the European income of the Rotterdammers, minus spending.
This season, Feyenoord had to make its way through three preliminary rounds, which in fact cost more than it did, to qualify for the group phase of the Conference League. By settling with FC Drita, FC Lucerne and Elfsborg, the Rotterdammers raked in 300,000 euros. Subsequently, a starting premium of 2.94 million and a coefficients bonus of 1.09 million, based on the European performance of the past ten years, awaited the club.
Feyenoord was thus already insured of 4.33 million euros. The team of coach Arne Slot then managed to win four times against Maccabi Haifa, Slavia Prague and Union Berlin and tied twice, spewing the club cash with an additional 2,332 million (500,000 for a win and 166,000 for a draw). UEFA also paid out a 650.000 euro bonus for the group win. Feyenoord also received about 200,000 euros from the game of matching that remained.
Knockout stageIn the knockout phase, the European dream season took shape and the prize money also went up. The club received 600,000 euros for the eighth final against Parizan Belgrade, one million for reaching the quarter-final against old famous Slavia Prague and another two million by qualifying for the semi-final battle. In it, Feyenoord stood up against Olympique Marseille and that resulted in another bonus of three million. Before the final, Feyenoord was thus already insured of 14,112,000 million euros in income.
Is that all? No. Feyenoord receives an estimated 0.2 million from the market pool (the TV funds) and – partly due to the size of De Kuip – also earns a lot of recettes, probably more than 10 million. With that, the cash register is ringing nicely, but not everything is hosanna. Feyenoord received almost half a million euros in fines and UEFA also applies a ‘withholding’ of 0.2 million due to the excessive amounts paid in the corona season 2019/2020.
Winning the final had resulted in another two million, but Feyenoord has left around 23.6 million euros to the European adventure. In any case, that is a big boost for the people of Rotterdam. However, it is still in stark contrast to the earnings in the Champions League. For example, rival Ajax earned more than seventy million euros this season, while it was already stranded in the eighth final. Between the two leagues is still the Europa League, where Feyenoord can try after this season.