‘Feyenoord in the race for Eriksen, Deen refrained from stepping due to Ajax past’

Feyenoord has tried to bring Christian Eriksen to Rotterdam South over the past transfer period. The Stadium Clubs interest in the Dane was serious, but the player decided to refrain from a transition himself.
Eriksen dropped out of his contract with Brentford and eventually chose Manchester United. According to Marcel van der Kraan, chief of sports at De Cceit, he could also have gone to De Kuip. โ€œA Dutch club really wanted it. That was Feyenoord,โ€ he says in the Kick-Off Football Podcast of the morning newspaper. โ€œThey also spoke to him for a while. They were very close, but in the end Eriksen didn
t think it was the best idea with his background,โ€ Van der Kraan refers to his Ajax past.
โ€œI still dont understand that Ajax didnt win Eriksen. They could have brought him in, because he wanted to do it himself,โ€ continues the journalist. โ€œHis agent proposed it several times, as Eriksen was transfer-free. Ajax did not dare and there will be reasons for that.โ€
Club watcher Mike Verweij thinks he knows the reason. He punctuates Eriksens heart box. โ€œIn the entire affair with Nouri, Ajax has almost been in court. Then the club argued, while determining the compensation, that even with proper treatment on the field, he could never have returned to an absolute top level. I think this was now a problem with Eriksen for Ajax. But he could have proven otherwise.โ€