Feyenoord leaves three fines to Conference League final against AS Roma

Feyenoord played the final of the Conference League against AS Roma on 25 May and has to sit on the blisters again after the 1-0 loss. UEFA has determined that the Rotterdam club must pay some fines due to misconduct by the accompanying public.
The Football Association states this in a report. Feyenoord is fined 12,000 euros for setting off fireworks, a fine of more than 36,000 euros for throwing objects and 15,000 euros for displaying offensive banners. In Tirana, a number of Feyenoord supporters hung a banner by Ahmed Aboutaleb who was threatened with death. Adolf Hitler was also glorified on a banner.
In total, the sum of the three fines amounts to more than 60,000 euros. For Roma, the damage is less significant: the Italian club has to pay a fine of 1750 euros for setting off fireworks. Feyenoord often receives fines in European duels and has asked supporters to behave on the club website. Last season, Feyenoord was able to count on a fine after almost every European game.