Feyenoord players think of ‘legal possibilities’: ‘Bite them in the tail’

A number of players from Feyenoord are investigating whether it is possible to take legal action against the club leadership. The reason: the fact that for the second time this season the players have been told that a wage sacrifice has to be made.

It was a communication from the board to the player group, which according to Martijn Krabbendam – Feyenoord-watcher of Voetbal International – did not fall equally well among all players. โ€œThere are players exploring the legal possibilities,โ€ he says at VI LIVE. โ€œCan Feyenoord do this? What can we do against it? That‘ll get a tail.โ€
Krabbendam thinks that one of the reasons for some Feyenoord players is the arrival of Lucas Pratto. โ€œIt is a retroactive problem. In January he made a striker of a few tons, with the intention of helping Feyenoord further in the cup and the competition, on his way to European football. It turns out to be no match in the end.โ€
The arrival of Pratto seemed not to everyone at Feyenoord a good plan, as Krabbendam now indicates. โ€œYou had scouting reports that indicated: maybe we shouldn’
t. And now you have to start asking for paychecks from players… They are going to think: why did that striker come? Was it not known in January what the financial situation would be like? That‘s what Feyenoord bites the tail now.โ€

รรฟ’ยฐ Feyenoord-Watcher @Mkrabby on the financial situation of the Rotterdam. ‘ The arrival of Lucas Pratto is of course a problem retroactively. ‘ Watch live รขลพ ยกรฏยธ https://t.co/75Ks7LVfl3#voetbalinternational pic.twitter.com/9FQruq2en
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