Feyenoord-Schlemiel Steven Berghuis: ‘I kind of said sorry ‘

Steven Berghuis did not leave his responsibility on Wednesday after the switch-off in the quarter-finals of the KNVB Cup. The captain took the blame for the defeat of 4-3 at sc Heerenveen.

โ€œ I just wanted to take the ball away, but I missed the ball,โ€ Berghuis said about the second yellow card he grabbed halfway through the second half. With one man less, Feyenoord gave a head start of 3-1 away. Heerenveen scored three times in the last ten minutes of the regular playing time.

โ€œ I kind of said sorry. I don‘t think that would be of great use to them. It’s like it is. Very heavy and sour appleโ€, continued Berghuis, who, besides his fellow players, also thought of the supporters of Feyenoord. โ€œThis was the shortest way to a price. We had a beautiful semi-final against Ajax in anticipation, for all Feyenoorders. Everyone was already working on that after the 3-1. This is painful.โ€

Lawyer: ‘My players do it not expres’

Feyenoord-trainer Dick Advocate had to recover shortly after the elimination in the quarterfinal of the KNVB-cup against sc Heerenveen (4-3). โ€œYou must never give this out of your hands again. We had the game completely under control,โ€ he said.

Heerenveen led halfway through 1-0 by a goal of Rami Kaib. Three weeks ago, Heerenveen stood for rest in the competition against Feyenoord, then with 2-0. โ€œThey had their moments now, but not as in the previous match,โ€ said Advocate, who deliberately chose to let Steven Berghuis go with Kaib at ball loss. โ€œSteven wanted to keep the team intact as much as possible.โ€

After rest, Feyenoord quickly ran away from Heerenveen and after more than an hour of playing before: 1-3. After a red card for Berghuis halfway through the second half it went wrong. Heerenveen scored three times in the last ten minutes. โ€œI‘m disappointed. My players don’t do it on purpose, but because of personal mistakes, we lose this game.โ€

Lawyer wasn‘t very angry with Berghuis. โ€œIt may not happen, but it does happen. The red card was the tipping point. But let’s not put everything to him. He has meant so much positive to Feyenoord. The entire team collapsed through the lower limit in the final phase of the race. We do not lose to Heerenveen but to ourselves.โ€

After Benjamin Nygren‘s 2-3, everything went wrong at Feyenoord. Goalkeeper Nick Marsman, who replaced the injured Justin Bijlow, looked unhappy at the hits. Lawyer: โ€œNick has done an excellent job so far. Today, there were a few moments when I thought differently. That he could have been a little more resolute. Today it could be better if I express myself gently.โ€

For Feyenoord now remains the battle for spot two and the Rotterdammers hope to reach the Europa League. โ€œWe now only have finalsโ€, decided Advocate.

Fer: The way

Feyenoord missed a spot in the semi-finals of the KNVB cup hurt Leroy Fer. โ€œThis is coming very hardโ€, said the 31-year-old midfielder after the defeat of 4-3 against sc Heerenveen. โ€œIt was especially quiet in the dressing room. One of our goals was to win the cup.โ€

Feyenoord was in front of Friesland until the 80th minute with 3-1. The Rotterdammers played with a man less than fifteen minutes after a red card (twice yellow) for Steven Berghuis. โ€œSteven knows himself that what he did wasn’t right. But we should also have crossed the competition with ten men,โ€ said Fer. โ€œWhere it went wrong? At the 3-2. Then Heerenveen really started to believe in it again. The two goals after that we gave away too easily.โ€

For Feyenoord now remains the battle for place two in the Eredivisie. Fer: โ€œWe want to get European football. We have to believe in that and go for it. Now we are disappointed, but from tomorrow we have to turn the button back on.โ€