Feyenoord striker Gimenez secretly looks ahead: ‘Even dreamed I would score’

Santiago Gimenez is committed to performing well at Feyenoord in the coming weeks. After all, the striker has a serious chance to win a spot in Mexicos World Cup squad and thats something he dreams of.
Gimenez is currently preparing with Mexico for an exhibition game with Colombia in the run-up to the World Cup. The Feyenoorder therefore has a serious chance of getting a spot in the final selection. “Ive been dreaming about it since I was a little kid,” he tells El Universal.
“In fact, I already dreamed that I would score a goal at the World Cup. But first, I
m still fighting for a position, a place in the squad. This competition also makes our group closer. Thats why I fully support all my teammates.”
Yet Gimenez secretly already dreams of making a goal in Qatar. “That would be magical. I still remember the World Cup in 2010, when Mexico was very good and the whole country was alive. The whole country hoped with the team and supported the team. I want such a World Cup to take place again, but now as part of the team.” Mexico is in a pool with Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia at the World Cup.