Feyenoord strikes when it has to and turns off to European wintering

Feyenoord leads the dance in his Conference League group after half the pool phase. The Rotterdammers jumped against Union Berlin extremely effectively with their chances and put the Germans four points away: Slavia Pragues point loss against Maccabi Haifa was another windfall.
Union โ€” with old Eredivision acquaintances Timo Baumgartl and Taiwo Awoniyi in base and Sheraldo Becker on the bench โ€” started the most convincing, but looked at a 2-0 backlog after half an hour of play. Feyenoord got two chances and took advantage of them both. Alireza Jahanbakhsh promoted an unintentional assist from Guus Til to 1-0, Bryan Linssen put Robin Knoche away and scared Andreas Luthe with a watched ball.

Nice start for Feyenoord! Alireza Jahanbakhsh puts the Rotterdammers on a 1-0 lead against Union Berlin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ #veronicainside #feyfcu #UECL pic.twitter.com/xk2rm371ZM
โ€” Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) October 21, 2021

As Union also steeped his chances, it became even more exciting before halftime: former NEC striker Awoniyi headlined in, left Bijlow chance less and put the 2-1 on the board. At rest, Luis Sinisterra and Jens Toornstra left great odds on the 3-1, but on the other hand it could have become right when Grischa Prรถmel hit the side net.

Bryan Linssen doubles the lead for Feyenoord: 2-0! ๐Ÿ‘ #veronicainside #feyfcu #UECL pic.twitter.com/xBSBDEWABz
โ€” Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) October 21, 2021

After rest, nothing happened for a long time, but twenty minutes before Feyenoord escaped again. The invaded Becker got plenty of time to build in the sixteen meters, but produced a shelf-life shot. Almost immediately after that, the decision fell. Linssen forced Luthe to a rescue, after which Sinisterra recorded the 3-1 final stand. Feyenoord had three more chances of each other on the 4-1 in the extra time, but no one cared about that anymore.

3-1 for Feyenoord! Luis Sinisterra is sharp and quietly taps him in ๐Ÿ™Œ #veronicainside #feyfcu #UECL pic.twitter.com/qdd5PaDYEF
โ€” Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) October 21, 2021

The European outlook is bright: competitor Slavia Prague went down 1-0 at the same time at Maccabi Haifa. Frontrunner Feyenoord is three points ahead of the Israeli club halfway through the ride and four on Union and Slavia.