Feyenoord trainer Slot not angry about time racks Vitesse: ‘Makes even very logical ‘

Feyenoord trainer Arne Slot takes a critical look at his own team after defeat to Vitesse, rather than the game of the Arnhemmers. Vitesse took the pace out of the game, but Slot sees that Feyenoord made it possible.
The Stadium Club was lagging behind just after halftime. After that, the big time series started at Vitesse. โ€œNo, there was no more football,โ€ Slot tells ESPN about the last forty minutes of the game. โ€œThe game was only silent due to injury treatments. But okay, I think we should look at ourselves.โ€
โ€œIts Vitesses good right to play like that. It even makes a lot of sense,โ€ Slot continues. โ€œWe need to make sure that we dont collect two easy countergoals, bringing Vitesse into these situations. After that, you depend on the referee, how he makes the game go and how much time he adds up.โ€
s especially annoying that you lose such an away match like this so easily,โ€ concludes Slot. โ€œBy that I mean we really gave away two goals. What it ultimately means for the rankings makes it even more annoying. But its about ourselves in the first instance.โ€