Fieldlabs used abroad, but not here: ‘Paid money’

The fact that the stadiums in the Netherlands can only be filled with supporters for one third is surprising by Eredivisie director Jan de Jong. In doing so, he cites the results of the Fieldlabs, which have been paid by the taxpayers.
According to De Jong, the perspective is still missing for the club in the Eredivisie. โ€œWhat is the roadmap? And what do we have to meet in order to open up quickly? It is unclear what the weighing moment will be in three weeks. What do we have to comply with to be able to open up further?โ€ , the Eredivisie director wonders in front of ESPN‘s camera.
The clubs collectively put out a statement in which they indicated that they wanted to fill the stadiums for two thirds. โ€œWhy do we attach great importance to two-thirds capacity? That’
s about the number of seasonal tickets sold at most clubs,โ€ says De Jong. โ€œThat‘s about that loyal supporter who supports that club year after year and pulls the club through the corona crisis, so that it can at least enter. We really want to reward those supporters who support us.โ€
De Jong states that it is really great that the results of the Fieldlabs in other countries are used to fully open the stadiums. โ€œThe pinnacle of irony is that the Fieldlaps have shown that it is safe, it has been paid with tax money. The same results are now being used abroad to keep the stadiums open. We don’
t use them in the Netherlands, but they embrace it abroad.โ€

๐ŸŸ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜  Eredivisie director Jan de Jong is not happy that the stadiums can only be filled for a third.โ€ Pinnacle of irony: the results of the Field labs are used abroad to keep the stadiums openโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) January 26, 2022