Fierce criticism of Berghuis after dumb red card: Dont get what Lawyer wanted either

Gertjan Verbeek does not understand anything from Steven Berghuis, who against sc Heerenveen received an oliedomme second yellow card after a violation on Rami Kaib. Feyenoord then gave off the 1-3 lead and Heerenveen will run away with a 4-3 victory.

After the last whistle, Verbeek does not have a good word for the Feyenoord captain. โ€œThis is really stupid. It is the incompetence of an attacker trying to defend,โ€ he states at ESPN. โ€œWith a card in your pocket, it‘s not smart, yellow is yellow.โ€
Siem de Jong eventually became a match winner at Heerenveen. He made the 4-3 just before time and shot down the Feyenoord dream. โ€œMountain house can only blame himself. He is short of his team,โ€ continues Verbeek. โ€œThey struggled with ten men to fight against Heerenveen. I also don’
t understand what Lawyer wanted with ten men,โ€ concludes the analyst.