Fierce forest fires in Cyprus under control

The fierce forest fires in Cyprus are under control after two days. Local authorities report that.

The fires are the most destructive of the past decades. Four people died and an area of 55 square kilometers has been destroyed. Ten villages were evacuated; a number of houses went up in flames.

According to Cypriot media, extinguishing aircraft that sent Israel and EU countries have made the difference in fighting the fire. The mountainous area is hard to reach from the lowland.

The fire raged near the Troödos Mountains, north of the cities of Limassol and Larnaca. This is an area with a lot of dense vegetation that allowed the fire to grasp quickly. The forest fire started near Arakapas village.

Firefighters are still in the process of preventing new fires. There was a heat wave last week, with temperatures above 40 degrees. It‘s still hot on the island.

Snake of Fire

Dutch Christine Jansen, who lives on the island for twelve years, said she has never seen anything like that before. It was an incredibly long snake of fire that pulled across the mountains towards where I was standing. Many farmers in the area let their herds of goats and sheep walk freely across the mountains. They’re probably all burned.

Jansen filmed the forest fires near her house: