Fierce response to Kramer/Vaessen punishment: Free speech in the Netherlands

Etiënne Vaessen and Michiel Kramer were fined and suspended on Friday for their texts following the PSV – RKC Waalwijk match. VVSC director Louis Everard calls it ridiculous
Kramer and Vaessen openly expressed doubts about referee Serdar Gözübüyüks decision to give PSV a penalty kick in extremis. They were particularly critical of the arbitration and are being punished for it.
The VVCS finds the penalties ridiculous, says Everard in a response to Voetbal International. In the Netherlands, we have the fundamental right to freedom of expression. This can only be formally restricted by law. So certainly not by the KNVB, as is de facto happening now. And note, both our Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and Security have previously said openly — in our opinion rightly — that no one has the right not to be offended.