FIFA boss Infantino takes care of frowned eyebrows at KNVB: ‘Were surprised ‘

KNVB chairman Just Spee and Secretary-General Gijs de Jong (pictured) are a little surprised by Gianni Infantinos statements. The FIFA boss claimed that a proposal was never made for a World Cup every two years.
At a FIFA congress in Qatar, Infantino made it clear that the World Cup will not be organized every two years. The union did research on it, but according to Infantino, FIFA โ€œnever made a proposal for a biennial World Cupโ€.
Against the Algemeen Dagblad, Spee and De Jong respond jointly on behalf of the KNVB to the Infantino statements. The two emphasize not to be in favor of a biennial World Cup. โ€œBut we were a little surprised when we heard Infantino say that FIFA never went for a World Cup every two years.โ€
By the way, the FIFA investigation revealed that a World Cup would be feasible every two years. However, the plans could count on criticism from unions and fans.