Fifteen whales at New Zealand coast


least fifteen whales stranded on the coast of New Zealand on Monday were found dead Tuesday morning (local time) according to the authorities. A day earlier, the whales were helped by rescue workers to deeper water.

A group of 49 whales, a species of whales, was found on Monday about 90 kilometres north of the tourist town of Nelson. A tour operator had raised the alarm and then volunteers tried to keep the animals wet and cool. Eventually it succeeded in bringing most of the whales to deeper water. The rescued animals swam in the course of the evening again about eighty meters from the coast, reports Radio New Zealand.

But Tuesday morning the animals were found on the same beach again. 28 whales are still alive, at least fifteen have died. Also on Monday several whales were already killed.

Deeper water

Some of the whales would now try to swim to deeper water, but another part is still hanging near the coast. Rescue workers have been deployed to help the animals.

Farewell Spit is a kind of hook of sand that protrudes into the sea. That has happened at least ten times in the last fifteen years. The last major incident occurred in 2017, when about seven hundred of these animals washed up. About 250 whales didnt survive.