Fifth patch release held for Baldurs Gate III

Developers from Larian Studios announced the release of the fifth patch for Baldurs Gate III, which featured new scenes and many other improvements. Among them: New Camp Scenes as well as the Shadow Heart 12 new magic items as a reward for loot and quests New answers Characters A little changed custom interface during dialogue You can use spells and items (satellites have too) to increase chances during the dialog New Disengagement Action to avoid provoking attacks Adding an item during exchange equals gold on both sides Added a new method to cancel concentration You can anchor most clues to read their additional conditions Enlarged limit the line in the dialog history window. Can be saved while pumping Added new icons, visuals, and so on Added dozens of interactive items extending the history of the world Visual effects of some spells were updated When NPCs are unable to talk to the player, they have a new reaction.

In addition to a number of innovations and fixes artistically, the patch includes extensive improvements related to gameplay, balance and technical component. Earlier, the authors said that this year‘s game won’t make it out of early access.

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