Fifty dead in French attack on jihadist convoy in Mali

French soldiers killed 50 Muslims in Mali on Friday. Weapons and equipment have also been confiscated. Thats what the French Defense Minister, Florence Parly, says on Twitter.

In another post, she writes that this has given a major blow to jihadists who had ties to the al-Qaeda terror network. According to her, the operation shows that terrorist groups cannot go unpunished.

The men, according to the French army Islamic fighters, were part of a convoy of motorcyclists traced with the help of drones. The convoy was first bombed from the air, followed by an attack on the ground by French commandos.

Thousands of French

Minister Parly is currently visiting the Malian capital Bamako. France has several thousand soldiers in West Africa to assist governments in the fight against extremist Islamic groups.

In the border area of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, a French operation is currently under way, says a source from the American press agency AP.

Transitional Government

Mali has a transitional government. It was installed after the deposition in August of the then President Keïta by military personnel.

The transitional government would have assured Parly that elections would be held soon.