Figo about transfer request Messi: ‘Nothing can change that in your head’

Rumors of a possible transfer from Lionel Messi to Manchester City continue. Luis Figo, former player of FC Barcelona, thinks the Argentine playmaker has already made his choice. Messi is currently in his final year of his contract with Barcelona, the club where he walked into as a 12-year-old boy. The speculations about a reunion with his former trainer Pep Guardiola at Manchester City continue to keep their minds busy, sees Figo as well.
โ€œLike everyone else, I followed Messis transfer request, and everything that came with it, with amazement this summer. It came as a surprise, but he will certainly have his reasons to make this decision,โ€ the Portuguese is quoted by Marca.
Whether Messi leaves for City or another club Figo doesn
t dare say for sure. โ€œEvery club wants a player like Messi, but whether it is feasible depends on a number of factors, including the financial situation of a club and the players will.โ€
s apparent dissatisfaction at Barcelona means only one thing for Figo. โ€œGenerally speaking, its very simple. If you dont want to be somewhere, theres nothing that can change that in your head,โ€ concludes Figo.