‘File between Israel and Hamas coming in ‘

Israel and Hamas are likely to agree on a truce in the next two days. So say sources in the warring parties against international media.

Such a truce would first end the Israeli bombing of targets in the Gaza Strip, say a senior Israeli official and other insiders to the American newspaper The New York Times. Israel also stops attempts to kill top figures from Hamas. That would have to stop large-scale missile shootings on Israel.


Israel also demands that Hamas stop digging tunnels towards Israel that can be used to carry out attacks. The Israelis also calling for an end to violent protests on the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel.

At a later date, bodies and prisoners could also be exchanged. Israel would also be prepared to return goods to the Gaza Strip, an impoverished Palestinian enclave on the coast. Moreover, the Israeli Government has not publicly admitted that it is around the table with Hamas.

No telephone

Israel and Hamas have concluded truce in the past. At that time, negotiations were sometimes delayed due to poor access to some important Hamas officials. They would fear that they will be liquidated by Israel and are often in hiding. Therefore, they do not use electronic devices.

A Hamas official was also optimistic about the outcome of the negotiations. โ€œI think the current armistice efforts will be a success,โ€ said Moussa Abu Marzouk on Lebanese television channel al-Mayadeen. โ€œI expect a file based on a mutual agreement within two days.โ€